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Who can study at our school?
You can become a student of "JAGGER" if you:
- are over 5 years;
- are hardworking;
- don't have medical contraindications to sports.

All students of "JAGGER" are trained by professional program.
There are no hobby groups / destinations.
What is the cost of the lessons?
The cost for 1 month of training in the 2016-2017 school season is 4,000 rubles.
For pupils from large families (if there is a certificate), and also if two or more pupils are members of the same family, a discount of 20% is stipulated, so the cost of training will be 3 200 rubles per month for each student.
How often do classes take place?
The duration and amount of training depends on the group. Standard for all beginners groups classes are held twice a week, duration of training is 1 hour.
In preparation for concerts, championships and performances, the duration of classes and the number of trainings increases.

What time does the lesson take place?
When formulating the schedule, it is necessary to take into account the fact that parents bring their children to the lessons, so babies and adults take classes on weekdays - in the evening or on Saturday - in the afternoon.
What styles are studied in our school?
The concept of our school does not focus on studying narrow styles, we study and combine many modern dance styles to create a corporate style of choreography and modern dance shows.
At the heart of our training are modern styles, which include all the hip-hop directions.
The training program is based on the age and experience of the students.
Are there age restrictions?
We have groups for all age categories:
- babies;
- young;
You can become a student of "JAGGER" if you:
- over 5 years;
- are hardworking;
- don't have medical contraindications to sports.
We have no more restrictions on age, sex, weight and other characteristics.
Do our students perform?
The goal of our school is not only to teach you to dance, but to show it to the whole world :)
We perform at festivals, championships, concerts and large-scale events.
When does the dance season begin?
The dance season normally lasts from September to June inclusive. In summer, there are also sport camp, usually in the second half of August.

Is it possible to watch trainings? Are there any open lessons?
Training in our school is always a closed process. But you always have the opportunity to attend a trial lesson, which, in addition, is absolutely free. To imagine what we do, you can watch the video or come to the shows. We often perform, you don't have to wait long :)
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